Buy online Fully Automatic Sanitizer Spray Machine For home/work/factory

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Buy online Fully Automatic Sanitizer Spray Machine For home/work/factory

Sanitizer Spray Machine


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 Fully automatic Sanitizer Spray Machinespray technology to enable Clorox (r) disinfection and disinfection solutions to reach surfaces out of sight and cover surfaces that may miss traditional trigger sprays, including sides, bottoms, and backs. The Sanitizer Spray Machine system is capable of covering 18,000 square feet per hour with one or tw0 products, provides four times faster surface coverage, and consumes 65 percent less product per square foot than conventional "trigger spray." This can cause diseases and infections that can have serious repercussions in the public and commercial environment. electric automatic alcohol sprayer.Favourite automatic hand sanitizer dispenser 

The short answer to the question we received is that electrostatic disinfection enables us to effectively and safely disinfect more square meters in less time. It works by using sodium hydroxide to introduce an attractive charge to disinfect and disinfect the product and atomize the solution using an air compressor to produce a calm but powerful liquid flow. Electrostatic infections are the fastest and easiest way to achieve 360-degree non-contact disinfection. we provide automatic hand sanitizer dispenser India

Electrostatic sprayers use positive and negative charges to allow the disinfection solution to adhere electromagnetically to the surface. As soon as the spray is applied, the disinfectant disinfects all covered surfaces.

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 The charge generated by the electrostatic sprayer allows the disinfectant to adhere to an entire surface so that the surface is disinfected. Sodium hypochlorite

For this reason, electrostatic sprayers are ideal for use on all surfaces, not just disinfectants and molds. Electrostatic sprays are electrically charged, so appropriate sanitizers, mold prevention or disinfectants can be wrapped and evenly coated on any type of surface for more complete cleaning.Certified automatic sanitizer spray machine

An electrostatic sprayer gives the sprayed droplet a positive electrical charge, which attracts the liquid droplets to a surface with the opposite pole of a magnet. If the visible area of the underside (back) is covered with a droplet of disinfectant, the droplet is attracted to the negative surface. 


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